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See what other people are saying about our 644 City Station apartments! At 644 City Station Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.




Been here for about 6 months now and it's been nice. Really close to downtown which makes it a short walk or cheap uber away.




Great place to live if you don't use the internet a lot. What I like is the value here. Its hard to find the same amenities for the same prices throughout salt lake city. We have a dishwasher,washer,dryer and covered parking and central ac all for an affordable price. That's best part of living here. The apartments are big and spacious and the walk in closest are huge! You're greeted with granite counter tops and nice pho wood finishes. There is a sense of luxury and the appliances are top quality. The sense of community is nice and and the other tenants here are quite pleasant. I have rarely ever heard any of my neighbors. If the internet was better this place would be perfect for me. That's why I am rating 4 stars instead of 5. Management is nice enough to work with you and they seem to try to help you as much as they can. Which is really all you need. The people are friendly and professional. Any issues I've had (like my AC being broken for a while was fixed) was taken care of within a few phone calls. The experience while i wish it was shorter was professional and pleasant. I like living here and so do many other people. This maybe the next place you move and i would recommended it if your are looking for high quality features for a affordable rate.


I've lived here for a few years now and mostly enjoy it. Very convenient to downtown and work and Red Iguana. Some basic cleanup could be better. I will see plastic cups, cig butts and sometimes beer cans strewn around the parking lot and planters -- fallout from a lot of the college kids who live here. People will sometimes not pick up their dog poop despite there being plenty of bags and waste canisters on the building's grassy west side and despite signage that claims anyone who doesn't pick up their poop will be fined, which is pretty hard to enforce unless someone is caught in the act in person or on-camera. The nice stepping stones and rocks that replaced the old muddy grass on the west side are definitely an improvement, but they really need to be realigned -- all crooked and askew now. Also, the lights on the side of the building near the east side entrance are out and have been for about a week now. Also also, though it's presented as a secure complex, it's fairly easy for anyone to get inside at least the gated parking area for both vehicles and pedestrians. I have seen homeless people at night in the outdoor parking lot walking through and peering into cars and trying to open doors. Just make sure you always lock your car and don't keep valuables in them.



I enjoyed living there I felt safe especially since I was an international mature student who had relocated to Utah for a year

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